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I am Indian citizen who loves India. I am person who is living on this holy earth to do holy things. Besides that i am son of someone and dedicated to them. I want to do something worthy for people. I want to spread happiness and want to be happy. Something like ” make happy and be happy “. I want to work for my country and that is also for all the people if possible for me and yes, nothing is impossible. I believe that everything happening to you is mostly because of you and Nothing sucks without your permission in your life. Further i believe in God ; yes, i think that there is someone behind all of us. After all of this i am a medical student and going to be Doctor generally takes place after God. People trust on you and let you decide about their life , what a great possession! I want to be loyal to them and ┬átheir feelings. I want some changes in my field and will be pioneer. Yes, i am something in everything but from now i want to focus on my field to provide all my best. I want change and ” I am that change “.


If you want to contact me or ask me something; just don’t think, write it up