People loves to have small outings and find out small intervals in this busy modern era. we found it on this Mahashivratri(2016, it is an indian festival about Shivji) and made plan for Diu and Somnath. We had fun on the beach at Diu with my Volleyball which was also used as football and basketball :). I enjoyed the beauty of God at Somnath. What’s new in this, nothing. But all I want to tell is about Diu fort rather I will say MY VISIT AT DIU FORT.

As i entered the fort I saw canals all around the fort. Later i found that it was connected with the sea at both site so it was filled with water. It made sense of security purpose. At the same time current of curiosity passed through my body saying conceptually the forts were built for security so i should see everything what it meant for security besides clicking that selfies. I was activated.

First i saw one hole. when i looked into it i saw it was continue somewhere with another part. When i traced it by going into that direction, i found well which was connected to opposite side and also connected with another well so there was subterranean passage between this three. I found two more channels and 15-20 holes which were not traced by me. I think there are big underground pathways which were for storing food and for hiding. Wells for water. Cannons and sphere shaped big stones were common. I found a section with a building which had Cross(church sign) on it which was bounded by big walls and gate was locked but i wanted to see inside so i climbed up the walls from behind and looked into that. Looking into that i found two rooms one behind other. I observed both of them. One of them was comletely dark and the other was slightly less dark. There i found some tiles of stones carved well. It seemed to be related with God. I think that formerly the saints used that places for praying and meditation. Then i found sub-jail at the highest point of the fort with no entry board. I climbed up steps but then i thought it was not safe to go on the terrace and then descend to see jail downstairs. Then I go to place where no one was going, there i found two rooms with two tunnels.

After this two hours of running, walking and climbing, I realized that i was thirsty and feeling debility :), so i drank one bottle of water and two glasses of Nimbu-Pani (Lemon Juice).

I enjoyed the visit. Satisfaction made me happy.


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