How america and russia are producing their economy of weapons

russian-american-flag (1)
USA and Russia Flag painted on grunge wall

Let me start by a story. Once there was a goldsmith in small town who used to design swords, spears, arrows, shields etc. People of this town were very calm and kind. They don’t fight to each other and leave by being helping hands. There was neither fear of bandits  nor thieves. So people of town have no need for arms. That is why weapons of goldsmith were not sold and his walk of life was not going good. One day he just came up with a plane and this idea was going to work was sure to him. He called dacoits on rent and told them to go in the town, and do some burglary and bullying. Next day the Bandits went to town , did robbery and bullying and people were afraid. So now they decided to buy arms for safety reason and goldsmith got his customer.

Now this is what america and Russia doing. Whether it is India-Pakistan, ISIS, Taliban, North-South Korea or any other. Their work is to produce fear and tension between two or Induce one of them to go wrong as other has to buy their arms or technology.

In the case of India-Pakistan, America give underground support to Pakistan to induce terrorism and tension at border by periodically. So now India has to waste its cartridges on the defense. Billions of money goes from america to Pakistan on the name of development but Pakistan uses it in military budget.

If we talk about Taliban. It’s origin was induced by America. After Russia taken over Afghanistan, America interfered to oust Russia out. He helped group on the name of being free from the rule of Russia named as Taliban. Then Russia gone out but Taliban remained as it was. This group is now playing role of Terrorist Group. It was also same for the case ISIS. America induced the tension for self business development but now it is converted into ISIS which is harming whole world ( wait for my post about ISIS for details )


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