Yes, I am stubborn

As the end of the word, it is given with birth. Actually when i heard this word i remembered me. I am mega Stubborn.

I can give one or two of many examples. When i was tiny boy with a cute cheek and waving hairs and whenever we passed in front of toy store, I asked my mom and dad to buy me one but when they refused, I was USED TO sit on the road letting them to go and they have to buy me one. My mom says you were also giving amusement material to shopkeeper and we laugh togather today remembering that.

It is my trait but giving me many losses of feelings. Like i stuck to something that this is truth not yours. It is variable who will bw right but whenever I start realizing that i am wrong I think that this is going wrong. I stuck to my point by wrong appeals. Then friction occurs. But after sometime I am completely ready to accept the thing  of other but by the time it makes me feel shy to commit and I don’t.

I want to change my self by this point of view so my current status in whatsapp 🙂 is being simple It is for many traits and this is one of them and major one

Accept thing at the time you are said beacause afterwards they will make you shy when accepting, I quoted this 2-3 months ago in my diary.


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