Cheat and Trust!!! What’s Difference and Connection

What is Cheat? Have you ever been cheated? Have you ever cheated anyone? Umm, me the growing guy thinks when he reads this word that what it is. But yes, first thing that bubbles after cheat in my Mind is Trust.

What is trust? So Trust is a feeling you got over anything or anyone in a particular task or in relationship or in particular situation that suggests you to rely for that on them. It can be for long lasting or for some difficult period or needy period. For example trusting your mom is long lasting and Trusting Lifeless thing is as per it’s ability.

How can you be cheated? Examples: while playing a sport, while doing projects by stealing ideas, while buying something. This is sort of some normal!! cheats. But when you are cheated in Relationship, It hurts deep. ( Not take relationship as only that boy and girl can have) I can’t feel it well because no such serious stuff has been tried on me yet #lols

You trust on your Stick till the Dog’s barking but that’s not same for Bullet, PM uses bullet-proof car for that. And when the Dog bites you having Stick because it slipped at last moment,stick is now in the list of things who! cheated you. Injustise, yes you can think of it. What the hell I’m talking about, yes you can also think of it. How can stick be responsible for the Bite, It’s you Idiot, you were there not using it well, yes you will think it. But this happens sometimes. Someone gets framed in your mind as cheater and you are odd to them. You don’t trust on them in funny small things. And when this happens in serious close relations, it will hurt both or sometimes more than two. There is something i am not writing here in my mind and that will not reveal until i get perferct person to bear it.

I suggest you to think after framing someone and yes, don’t forget to teach lesson to one who seriously cheats you and don’t be shy to say them well.

Have a nice day.


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