Radical For Humanity! But…

I want change in almost every thing and every system in India. Being in medical field is good thing but I am little frustrated when I see craftiness in my field, when I hear that doctor has done some sexual harassment or disposed body part of some patient for money, When they do abortion For the hell person who wants Baby boy as their child, When they operate patient without necessary, when they keep dead body in ICU just to increase patient’s bill, When they mis-guide patient, When daft become surgeon, When they have no basics clear for medical practise, when they operate for right lung instead of left. This is not for all but for many. I want to do many things for this.

Women’s Harassment is the hell thing. Daily millions of offense take place. Harassment includes being physical by touch, Rape, offensive language, looking by slut sight. Things like rape can be reported but what about others. Even in my country, Many rape are not reported by the threat of disparagement. Most of cases of rape are by close persons(worst ever).’ What can we do? Nothing!!’ I thought. Feels like Impotent. Then I thought on my side to make group of youth very well interested in this. On primary basis give support to Rape victim by personally contacting. Help then to Justice. Next step to start one help line Number for those girls who are regularly teased by known romios, Then our group will go and meet them to explain them that they should not do this by all the ways. And many more I thought but I just gathered four persons. Abortion of female baby is the biggest problem with its very powerful roots in society. This is for the fake reasons like Boy will help them in their Old age and He will increase their breed, One boy must be there. What happens here:

1.If they have first child as Boy, they will approach for second because they have secured one boy and no worries another one is boy or girl.

2.If they have girl as first one. They will go to illegal practitioner and ask for Ultra-sound and then if there is girl, they literally kill  innocent baby.

3. Worst is, they will not approach for second one if first is boy because they don’t want to have girl as child.

this problem needs many more efforts, but I will do.

Thousands of more problem are there with millions of words to write but what make sense is what you do then you write or you think.


I want to be Radical But when? Speechless…….


One thought on “Radical For Humanity! But…

  1. oh boy! it’s very courageous for you to write like that being a boy. I appreciate yer efforts!
    Perhaps for reality- when a girl comes late she is asked a 100 questions, I wish if mothers start asking their boys where they were the whole night or just enquire them for being out of the house for so long……
    then, I guess that one question would solve many problems!
    you got some positive perception there!!:-)

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