Perplexed Mind

Our mind is made of billions of neurons with multiple layers and highly complexed most intelectual areas. We start our life in womb of mother. Our mind start grasping after birth we say but in Mahabharat  it is said that Abhimanyu started learning about war while he was in the stomach of Draupadi because Lord Shree Krishna was telling that to her at that time and I also believe this as true. So our mind start grasping and  saving from the womb So i say that Our mind start to get spoiled from womb . Lots of thoughts, experiences, tastes, languages, body-language of people, understandings, Pictures, Videos etc are saved in there.

We think about things for 24 hours including sleep. Even In Deepest sleep. But we think about our position in life  mostly while two actus, while going to sleep and privy. Our mind gets Perplexed. We think about all three continuum. We think of to and fro. Either be happy or be stressful. Mostly stressful. Actually Perplexed mind always leads to stress.
So I suggest you not to think while you think it’s heading towards perplexed state. Now you will think, I am such a daft!! How can one remian thoughtless. Yes, we can be by meditation. So, do it in free time and also make a daily habit. Even thinking about something pleasant with concentration can serve effective as meditation.

Stay cool And Stay Blessed


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