Happy Ending

India is country of traditions, some seems scientifically true and some are really fake but I believe in God and follow good thoughts. I have to follow some tradition, I don’t like. One of them is Badha(Hinderance). In this you will pledge for some task you will do after God gives what you want. Like going to Temple walking, Donating money or gold, Feeding Orphans etc..In this Person does not say his wish to another person. Now my mom took badha for some mysterious thing and task was Going to Ambaji Temple walking which is 150 kilometers away from my Home. After the wish completed she decided to go to Temple but it will take 3 or 4 days minimum to go their walking so Someone has to go with her. Who? And there comes my name. I was going with her. I actually don’t believe in this but for her I must do anything she wanted.

So, we decided to start from the morning at 6:00 am. I started counting kilometers for next town and time. I was being hasty and Impatient. I started walking fast because I want to go at next step faster. It was not like car to pass 1 kilometer in 1 minute. I walked faster. After around 10 kilometers, I was feeling tired and my legs were fatigue. Then I realized I was me who was impatient and walking fast so as per physiology working fast will need more 02 and will Fatigue soon. So, I understand and had patience. Yes, whole way taught me Patience because after many kilometers of walk, Your condition is like you can’t run or you can’t even stop.

At the end of the first day, we reached 45 kilometers away from our home. Now, I was exhausted. I can’t even walk properly. Even some people told my mom that this boy can’t even walk properly. We need to reach 3 kilometers to have stand there. And suddenly My inner-power told me you can do it. And I started walked faster and even ran for minutes. I understood the power of soul.

But at the end of day we were that tired that we were talking this with waggish tone.” Mom, let’s do it next year from here.” But we started it next day. It was very difficult
between 12 to 5 pm. We talked that negative mess all the way in this time and were finding newer ways to leave it. But we walked on the third Day. One can’t imagine that we were that tired that we can’t afford a water bottle which was sold 50 meters away from the Road. But we walked whole day but this day was the best day, we walked with cheer because I find that we learned not to give up. Our target completed on the fourth day morning but I was thinking this Badha as Mess taught me three things. 1. Patience 2. Soul-Power 3. Never Give Up

Journey was hard but Slog had been worthy for me.


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