My Letter

To the God,

I don’t know where to deliver but they says you can be reached through heart,

Let us meet Together,For Some full moon Nights

I will ask you some from notes I write

Questions will be hard, All from Heart

Be ready for that, I will be really hard

Works for days and do some plays

Serve his body and passes his thousand days

doing some tricks, mould some gold

Death is eater, he will be sold

What for he really comes up here?

Don’t look confused, answer after all you hear

Galaxy Infinite, Covert is Atom

Please Measure both the Item!!

Billions of stars and That much of Planets

Why Are they made, when I can’t go there?

Lots of creature, Not single same

But are they Living, Or some chemistry’s game?

Don’t be dumb or shy, Say it till I will be sold.


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