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via Daily Prompt: Irksome

Who or what can be irksome? Person can be irksome in many ways, we call them ‘TOXIC’ in our hostel language. “This man throws so much of ‘TOX'”, says Hostel buddy. TOX is noun invented in our hostel :). When somebody tells you a tale of his but you are in Your comics. When somebody shows you videos of his interest, when someone’s sarcasm is so advance that one can’t interpret it, when you are sleepy, when you are in the mood of reading which comes once in the week, when find out that some elder person might have found way to bore you by lengthy speech and many more you can comment. What do you do when someone is irksome? You just bare or you will tell him directly or tell him indirectly.  Let’s analyse all three.

You will tell him indirectly then he will be hurt and he will not tell you he is hurt as you told him indirectly you haven’t told him how you don’t like his thing. So both of you got hurt by both but you have not expressed it so all in your mind and you will not be frank to each other  like before so this is spoiler and worst.

Secondly If you bare them then you are making them believe that you are interested in this thing and it will repeatedly come in you conversation. You will be bored of a person and then he will be following you and you will be hiding so this is not the way you will choose. (“I have been using this way and it’s been to hard for me so I am currently trying to switch”)

Third way is to tell them directly about your interest so they will feel hurt first of all and also further they will understand and like you that you told them directly so you will be closer and not boring topic will come further. So this is the best way I think.

Thanks for reading and Have a Good day


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