No More

A traveller on a public or private conveyance other than the driver, pilot, or crew. I was always a Passenger but I am no more. You must be thinking why I am saying like this.

It’s never been easy. It’s been six months but it’s never been easy. My father, He was the one who always drove us. I never realized that I was so lucky to have him as my driver. His driving was crazy but was fun. We always scolded him for driving rough but I realized that it was fun. The time I was sad when I had to drove him to hospital. He is gone and I need to drive but that doesn’t feel good. I think I never realized what how much he loved me. Why do we always realize when we don’t have opportunity, it sucks? It’s never been easy to communicate. It’s man to man and it’s father to son. We really don’t express that much but we love eachother. Journey of life goes on. I must go with it but I suggest all to grab their opportunity to express. Love your parents and never let them down.

Have a great day ahead.



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